The best! What is the best?! According to Merriam-Webster "Best" is defined as: ...excelling all others: offering or producing the greatest advantage. This, through science, is why Skinny & Co is the only company in the world that can say they are the "BEST". There are many oils out there like Nutiva who claim to be the best; without the science to back their claim. Skinny & Co produces the purest through their patented technology that cannot be duplicated. 


Skinny & Co., is a company that is completely vertical. They own the manufacturing plant along with the distribution facility. We at Shadows Vein have always strived to be the best. That's why we are not only proud, but honored, to be part of something that is proven to be the best. Skinny & Co., sought out what they believe is the best firm to handle such an important task. This task is to allow the world to be introduced to the purest, rawest and family owned coconut oil. Please click on the Skinny and Company logo above to read their story. We at Shadows Vein believe that we will gain your trust with one taste of Skinny & Co coconut oil.