This journey all started while sitting at a smoothie bar one day at the gym.  Mahkram Drial was talking to Shadows Vein about starting a business. They immediately recognized that Mahkram's skills to become successful was well within his reach. Mahkram's personal determination and success is a testament to that. At the same time, Shadows Vein also saw that Mahkram would need guidance and offered to help. Mahkram started to translate exactly what his vision was for the company. He shared concept drawings and even what he wanted to name the company: Team Jamaica.

Shadows Vein then took what was communicated to them and went to work.


Mahkram's initial concept was not articulating what he wanted for the business. The logo's were too "busy" and his original name was too generic and isolating.  Shadows Vein knew the importance of keeping Mahkram's Jamaican heritage alive within all aspects of the company. This was where the majority of the focus was concentrated.


As you can see from the gallery, we at Shadows Vein, feel that everything which was spoken in the beginning is exactly what Mahkram visioned.

This was just the first stage of shadowing Mahkram and his new company:   Ja-Makin-Me-Fit

We at Shadows Vein look forward to now helping Mahkram during the 2nd stage of building his business.



Ja- Makin- Our- Story