- Dave Bray USA  debuted May 22, 2018 at #6 on Itunes top 40 rock charts!! This album was self released and does not have a major label involved. This goes to further show the commitment that Dave Bray USA has to bringing his message that correlates to the daily battles of our Police, Firefighters, our Veterans, Military and most importantly our Faith. 

Dave Bray USA is considered the most PATRIOTIC rocker in the country. A US Navy Veteran, Patriot, husband and Father on a mission to fight the war going on in this country that no one is willing to fight... It is the war for the minds of our children. But that title is not limited to just this nation, but all nations since his message and goal is universal. Not one person but all people who share the basic fundamentals of what this country was built upon. Dave Bray USA, along with his wife Becky and their children, continue to spread the message that we as a country and people need to embrace. A message that our forefathers never wanted us to forget, those that instilled the foundation of our country upon us, knowing the importance to never sway from being a God-fearing and unified nation. The Declaration of Independance and the Constitution of the United States is, and still remains, the cornerstone of our countries beginning. Shadows Vein is proud to adhere to and support the mission of Dave Bray USA. Our military and first responders are the first line of defense for this great country; these individuals deserve and have earned the entitlement of the communities and our great nations support. Please help us support Dave Bray USA and his goal to spread the message that many want us to forget and eliminate. If the ingredients that the cornerstone of this country was made upon are removed; then the cornerstone will lose it's stability and this country will no longer be the country our forefathers founded. This country will crumble and no longer be supported by the values and protection our forefathers knew was needed to always remain a great country. It was needed then, and more importantly, needed today. We thank you for your support of Dave Bray USA, Shadows Vein and especially those who put their lives on the line each and every day for our freedom. God Bless you and the USA!! Thank you!